Capsule collection of 3 B-fora Marco Oggian x IAMMI

"This work is part of all of you. During these months of lockdown, I asked people what they would like me to draw on the vase. This is the result, thanks to all of you." - Marco *

All the B-fora special editions are the result of a collaboration between IAMMI & a selected artist.

The pieces produced are unique.

*Marco Oggian carried out these interventions during the first lockdown, May 2020. 

Marco Oggian x IAMMI_Front.jpg
Marco Oggian x IAMMI_3-4.jpg


Series title: Marculone

Medium: Handprinted ceramic

Edition: 3 unique pieces

Size: mm 165 x 120 x h.350

Year: 2020

Marco Oggian is an Italian multidisciplinary artist and art director based in Spain. He was expelled from the university in 2010 and following his expulsion, he spent ten years working on over 150 different projects with 300 or more drafts. He spent a lot of time writing and has since been published in over 20 books about design, branding, illustration, typography, and photography.

During this time he has lived and worked in Venice, Berlin, LA, Spain, and across South America. Also, exhibiting in Paris, Barcelona, Berlin, London, Los Angeles, Tokyo, and Seoul.

In 2019 opened Flaco Studio’s doors. An art collective space where young artists can exhibit their work in the city.


Marco doesn’t have ideal projects but he loves everything he does, even if it’s not his dream project because he can learn something more. Marco has just one artistic goal and that is to never stop creating.


Clients include  Nike, Mozilla Firefox, Bershka, Holstee, Computer Arts Magazine, Eastpak, Pull&Bear, Meyba Barcelona, Volcom, BMW, Brekka Headwear, YrStore UK, Shred Optics, Fanatic Snowboards, OXYDO Eyewear, Vogue Japan, La Rinascente and Samsung.

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