B-fora Côte d'Azur

Four bold and incisive colour palettes inspired by the colours of four French Riviera cities, each consisting of three colour shades, make up the Côte d’Azur edition.

The sunsets of Antibes, the flowers of Nice, the parks of Monaco and the city of Marseille are the main inspiration of this edition.
Only two numbered and signed copies of each colour were made.


B-fora, the B-side of an amphora.

A vase with feminine features, a combination of beauty, perfection and harmony of the statuesque body represented in Greek art, and the graceful silhouette of the contemporary female body. B-fora shows what has been hidden for centuries beneath the amphora’s robes, revealing generously and without veil the B-side of the traditional A-mphora.


The creation of these original and unconventional pieces stems from the idea of redesigning the original contour lines that belong to the classic Greek amphora, creating a modern piece that fits perfectly into contemporary society. Unique objects able to reconnect us with ourselves: B-fora is a vase that conveys feelings, a vase that urges you to act, a vase that wants to create a connection, serenity and peace with your body. A vase that acts as a declaration of intent, a manifesto to freedom.


An iconic piece reinterpreted in a contemporary and ironic way, winner of the “A’ Design Award 2021”.



Title: B-fora Côte d'Azur

Medium: Ceramic

Technique: Mould casting

Edition: 24

Size: mm 165 x 120 x h.350

Year: 2021