MM 165 x 120 x h.350


"B-fora" the B-side of an amphora.


"B-fora", the B-side of an amphora.

A vase with feminine features, a symbol of Mother Nature. A combination of beauty, perfection and harmony of the statuesque body represented in Greek art, and the graceful silhouette of the contemporary female body. B-fora shows what has been hidden for centuries beneath the amphora's robes, revealing generously and without veil the B-side of the traditional A-mphora.

The creation of these original and unconventional pieces stems from the idea of redesigning the original contour lines that belong to the classic Greek amphora, creating a modern piece that fits perfectly into contemporary home decors. Unique objects able to reconnect us with ourselves: sinuous curves and two handles, carefully designed to keep the vase in perfect balance, give it an identity and a human value.

Much more than a simple container, B-fora is a vase that conveys feelings, a vase that urges you to act, a vase that wants to create a connection, serenity and peace with your body. A vase that acts as a declaration of intent, a manifesto to freedom and to the art of enjoying everything around us.

An iconic piece reinterpreted in a contemporary and ironic way, winner of the “A’ Design Award 2021”.


The evolution of B-fora


From 2019 to mid 2022, B-fora was produced in ceramic and in limited quantities. But since fall 2022, it will be produced in porcelain and will be available in two sizes, with two handle options. 

- First production: Skin collection, 70 unique pieces.

- Second production: Macarons collection, 150 unique pieces + 30 Klein unique pieces.

- Third production: Summer collection, 130 unique pieces + 50 Klein unique pieces.

- Fourth production: Côte d'Azur collection, 24 unique pieces.


The technicalities of the B-fora / What does a B-fora look like?


Starting from a circular rim, the B-fora neck is developed, narrowing and then widening to the shoulder, creating a soft curve that aids in making the B-fora more slender. 


Its two handles rest on the neck and shoulder.


From the belly the forms of a proud woman are revealed, showing herself with pride. 


As they descend, the sinuous forms lose their volume until they reach the foot, where they return to the classic Greek amphora shape. 


Each peace is unique, made by casting mould and finished by hand. Its irregularities and colour variations are natural. To preserve the original state of this piece, we recommend keeping it out of the sun and away from water and heat sources.