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IAMMI is an artistic duo born from the collaboration between Portuguese designer Nicolau dos Santos and French-Italian art director Stephanie Blanchard.

IAMMI experiments with shapes and materials, creating unconventional functional art pieces.


Their provocative and iconic style focuses on the idea of re-imagining everyday objects, playing with their meaning and significance, with the object and the subject.

IAMMI’s intention is to unveil a side, an undiscovered aspect of something we already know everything about, thus proposing a metaphorical challenge that aims to investigate in depth.

IAMMI’s works blur the line between classic and contemporary. The continuous search for new, bizarre, but above all provocative combinations of the aforementioned styles is the essence with which the duo coins each work, performance or installation.

Their process stems from intuition, deep listening, and results in a touching experience that captures people’s emotions, prompting to act.


 << A product may go out of vogue, but an idea is timeless >>.


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+33 952 118 717​



Fairs and exhibitions
"BREAK TO THE FUTURE", Messmerizing, DDW, 10/2022, Eindhoven (NL)
"WHEN TIME DREAMS", The Company Studios, 06/2022, Milan (IT)
"CORRELATION", Hotel Amour, 06/22, Nice (FR)
"LUMIERE", Galeria Azur, 04/2022, Berlin (DE)
"PEEP SHOP",Le Dojo, 04/2022, Nice (Fr)
"ELVEA", 11/2021, Milan (IT)
"ISOLA DESIGN GALLERY", MDW21, 09/2021, Milan (IT)

"COSAS DE CASA", Brutto Studio, 10/2020, La Coruña (ES)

"FRAMMENTI" - WOLSHA COLLAB, Fiti, 01/2020, Milan (IT)


"YOUR SAFE CORNER", Futura, 01/2020, Milan (IT)


"REINCANTO", Curated by Valentina Ottobri, 11/2022


​A'design award 2021 / B-fora

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